ICU Ventilator Ambulance

Our vehicles are loaded with the best possible equipment and most advanced gadgets so that we can do every possible effort from our end until we handover the patient to the medical facility. So, our ambulance service in Hyderabad includes a ventilator which pumps breathable air into the lungs for extremely severe conditions.

Ventilators are life supporting equipments and when the patient is in a severe condition and unable to breath normally, in that case ventilators are used. 

The ventilator keeps provides the patient with required oxygen and keeps the heart functioning pumping blood in and out.

Our vehicle have ventilators installed for any instant if any patient needs it. We aim to save as many lives as we can and therefore, we wouldn't let anyone suffer just because ventilators weren't present. Therefore, we have most advanced gadgets and equipments installed in our vehicles for every possible help that we can do to the patients. 

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